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Aerospace Flexible Hoses

480 Series
R367 (480 Series) is a low pressure aerospace hose assembly qualified to AS620. It consists of a helically convoluted (tape wrap) PTFE innercore, reinforced with a CRES 304 wire braid. The convoluted innercore enables the 480 Series to bend to a tighter radius, with less force, than smooth bore PTFE hose of similar diameter. Operating pressures range from 1000 PSI (69 Bar) in small diameters, to 250 PSI (17 Bar) in the largest diameter. PTFE provides excellent chemical resistance over a temperature range of -65°F to +400°F (-54°C to +204°C) with an unlimited shelf life. Fire protection per AS1055 Class A & B can be either integral, or slip-on AS1072 firesleeve. Qualified standard fittings are CRES, although aluminum is commonly used in weight critical applications. Chafe sleeves are available in a variety of integral or slip-on materials. Hybrid assemblies combing flex hose with multi-bend tube are a Titeflex specialty and provide improved vibration dampening, ease of installation and maintenance over strictly rigid tube.
  • fuel
  • oxygen-lines
  • SAE AS620
  • SAE AS620
  • TSO C53a Type A
  • TSO C53a Type C
  • TSO C75 Type IIA-S/P
  • TSO C75 Type IIA-S/P-F
  • AS1055 Type IIa & IIb
  • Class A & B
  • Integral and Slip-on Firesleeve (RM and TF0172)
Hose Size Operating Pressure (psi) Hose ID (min) (in) Hose OD (min) (in) Hose OD (max) (in) Braided Hose Weigth (lb/in) Bend Radius (Min) (in) Proof Pressure (psi) Negative Pressure (in HG) Room Temp Burst (min) (psi) High Temp Burst (min) (psi)
R367 (480 Series)-6 na na na na na na na na na na
R367 (480 Series)-8 na na na na na na na na na na
R367 (480 Series)-10 1,000.0 0.6000 na 0.8500 0.02000 3.000 1,800 28.00 3,600 2,500
R367 (480 Series)-12 1,000.0 0.7650 na 1.060 0.02700 3.750 1,800 28.00 3,600 2,500
R367 (480 Series)-20 1,000.0 0.8350 na 1.700 0.04000 5.000 1,800 23.00 3,600 2,500
R367 (480 Series)-24 na na na na na na na na na na
R367 (480 Series)-32 na na na na na na na na na na
R367 (480 Series)-16 1,000.0 0.9800 1.266 1.330 0.03500 5.000 1,800 23.00 3,600 2,500
Oxygen Lines
-65ºF to +400ºF (-54ºC to +204ºC)

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